“To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.”

– Proverbs 21:3

Sometimes doing the next right thing can be difficult. I remember one summer during high school, when I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my friend Josh — who just loved to fish — would ask me nearly every day to go with him. Now, if you know anything about Tulsa, you know that summertime is not just hot, but humid — it’s like going into hundred degree weather wrapped in a blanket that you’re trying to breathe through. That said, because I minded the heat, each time he would call and want me to go, I would say no. I much preferred lying on the couch in the air conditioning, sipping a Coke, and watching my favorite T.V. shows. Nevertheless, Josh was persistent, and when I finally said yes and accompanied him, I had such a good time that I didn’t look back. In fact, after such a fun first outing, I made a deal with myself that anytime he asked me to go, I would agree. You see, though the weather was humid and harsh, the joy of being with a good friend far outweighed my discomfort. Similarly, as God’s kids, He invites us to respond this way whenever we’re asked to do something difficult or uncomfortable. As we choose to follow Him, even when the heat of uncertainty is scorching, He rewards us with an abundant life that overflows with divine goodness and blessings. 

My friend, make a choice to do what the Lord asks you to do, no matter how challenging it appears. While it may mean facing fear or uneasiness, there’s a great reward for pursuing the course that’s pleasing in His sight. God isn’t looking for big faith as much as brave obedience, and a simple yes can take you farther than you ever imagined. Trust Him in small acts of submission, surrender your comfort to His good-keeping, and let Him propel you to a future filled with exceedingly great power.


Jesus, help me to choose what is right, even in moments of discomfort and difficulty.


What are some barriers that keep you from obeying God?


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  1. I used to watch Hour of Power when Dr. Robert Schuller was alive with my husband who died fie years ago and now I have started watching it every Sunday on our Vision TV here ins Ontario Canada, I enjoyed Dr Schuller’s sermons very much but I think I enjoy Bobby Schuller’s sermons even more as he makes them interesting stories incorporating a lot of history which I really really enjoy. Today the history about Herod, the King of the Jews and the Magii and the coming of Jesus was esecially interesting and uplifting and the message to me very deep. Today was the Advent Day of Joy and I feel really joyful after the hour of power. Thankyou.

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