Do You Believe I Love You?

“And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.”

– 1 John 3:23

In honor of Good Friday, today we reflect on Jesus’ love expressed in his sacrifice for us.

Several years ago I was challenged by an unusual reflection from Christian author and speaker Brennan Manning. He said, “I have spent thousands of hours studying and memorizing scripture, preaching, praying and meditating, and I am convinced that when we stand before God, He will ask us one question, and one question only: “Did you believe I loved you?” In response, Brennan said, “The true believers will answer ‘yes, and I’ve built my entire life around that one truth.’ ” However, others will claim they believed it, but not really. They attended church and read books, but never truly believed it; always struggling to prove themselves to others.

As we ponder God’s question, in Ephesians, the Apostle Paul prays for the Holy Spirit to help us comprehend how high, deep, and wide God’s love is. The love of Christ is beyond comprehension. Often, this love can only be realized when the Holy Spirit performs a miracle in our lives. This is the only way to understand how amazing, deep, and awesome God’s love is. Many Christians, however, do not have that attitude toward God. Some believe, “I’m in if I’ve got a B+ or better; if not, I’m out.”

Friend, Paul teaches us that we can exchange places with Jesus. He becomes sin and you become righteous in God’s eyes. It wasn’t earned by you, but by Christ on your behalf. It will be possible for you to look in the mirror with confidence and faith in spite of all of your mistakes, setbacks, and flaws. It’s because this is the contract that says you are God’s beloved child!


Thank you, Jesus, for exchanging places with me so that I can be made righteous.


How confident and faith-filled are you that God loves you?

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Pastor Bobby,
    With a wordy response being typed here now gone into the cyber-netherland… I know not where, I will attempt to be more concise.

    I was a bit disappointed when I wasn’t able to locate an episode of this past Palm Sunday Services.
    Having only my Windows-7 laptop to view either by your Daily Inspirations email link or by YouTube, I missed those services.
    With no TV, (The Hour of Power was viewed that way for almost 50 odd years now), nor any “Bell & Whistles” Smart Device(s), I’m lost.

    I had begun H.O.P. monthly support as a Hummingbird Club member and moved forward to a Sparrow’s Club Partner.
    Though my tithe has increased to $50 for some time now, I have been insistent on remaining designated as a Sparrow.

    Is it possible for, at the time of each new year’s reauthorized renewal of automatic monthly donation, to be marked and noted by a helper there to be sending me another set of the “Sparrow” Notebooks?
    Once the Green Bound Journals were no longer available , I now continue to use those notebooks to journal my daily reflections and devotions, in writing.
    I do so appreciate all uplifting and inspirational work of and by You, Your Entire Family, and the H.O.P. Organization.

    Faithfully Following,
    Joan M Oliveri

  2. Dear Pastor Bobby,

    I had been catching Hour of Power by TV viewing these many 50 years or so.
    But as I now have no TV, (I was still using Digital-Converter box and Antenna), I had been viewing by your incoming Emails, linking to episodes.

    It was a very sad disappointment to me that I discovered there was no posted Palm Sunday Services. Neither connected to your daily inspirations by email nor available on YouTube.

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