Do Your Best and Forget the Rest

“As Scripture says, ‘Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.’ ”

– Romans 10:11

Today I want to talk about the importance of not allowing the feeling of shame into your spiritual life. Shame is not from the Lord, and it’s destructive to our psyche. No matter how many scriptures we read or how many hymns we sing about God taking away our shame, many of us still look in the mirror and blame ourselves incessantly when we’ve messed up. We beat ourselves up mentally by saying, “I’m not patient enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not compassionate enough.”

Yes, it’s important to become self-aware when we mess up, as in we own it, we repent, and we take responsibility for it, but wallowing in shame is not God’s plan and not God’s best for your life. He did not give up His only beloved Son for us to feel shame in our lives. God does not want you to agree with Satan that you are a bad and horrible person — because you’re not. God has set you free. He’s forgiven you. He’s made you righteous and holy. Many of us have overcome adversity, be it health, family, death, marriage, friendship, or finances. With the help of God, we are able to do our best and forget the rest.

Friend, what brings us through life’s difficulties is our relationship with the Lord. When I go through tough times, my mind goes to one place. I cry out to God, “Lord, help me.” This is a prayer God hears and answers! Although trials don’t always go away exactly when we want them to, God is here with us. He carries us through. I want to encourage you to do your best and forget the rest.


Father, thank you for bringing me through life’s difficulties.


Have you cried out to the Lord for help? Where is God encouraging you to do your best?

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