“But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you. What I have
vowed I will make good. I will say, ‘Salvation comes from the LORD.’”
-Jonah 2:9

Sometimes we ask the question, “What is God’s calling for my life?” I say
that whatever you think it is, even if you’re not sure, do it anyway. A
lesson we learn from the story of Jonah and the whale, if you think it’s
God’s calling but you’re not sure, just do it. If it’s not his calling, he
will send a “whale” to get you back on track.

Many of us know that. You take an action, You go to do something, and all
of a sudden, this “whale” comes out of nowhere, picks you up, and spits you
out into your calling. There is something about that in life that, even if
you’re not doing what God has called you to do, I think God still loves
your courage in trying. God loves courage! God loves to see people say no
to the things they’re afraid of and to stand up with boldness.

All of us love courage. Every great movie is about someone doing something
brave. God loves it, too. We’re his kids. We’re like him in that way. Faith
pleases God. Don’t be afraid. Amen?

Prayer: Dear Lord, give me the courage to step out in faith, and if I’m not
heading in the right direction, turn me around, show me the way. Amen.

Reflection: Describe a time when you have changed directions in life. How
do you perceive the hand of God in your turnabout?

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