“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

– Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

We’ve talked so far about how God helps us overcome the fear of man, the fear of desperate circumstances, and the fear of demons. Today, I want to talk about one last thing that Jesus empowers us navigate through, and that is the fear of our own dreams. Of all the sinister forms of anxiety and discouragement that haunt us, none is as bad as feeling disabled when it comes to pursuing the divine assignments and desires the Lord has given to us. Unfortunately, when we’ve gone after something often enough and been met with failure, loss, or rejection, disappointment ensues and we’re faced with trepidation at the idea of trying again. For example, maybe you’ve dealt with numerous miscarriages and you can’t stand the thought of anymore pain and heartbreak so you forgo another attempt. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to have a business or ministry, but you’ve been met with so much resistance that your spirit feels crushed and you’ve given up hope before even starting. Whatever it is, I want you to know that God wouldn’t give you the dream if He didn’t believe you could do it. Although it may take time, don’t despise the vision you’ve been entrusted with. Rather, nurture it and feed it slowly, even if it doesn’t immediately yield the results you’re hoping for. Learn from the past, embrace what it teaches you about the present, and face difficulties with the knowledge that they will only make you stronger. 

My friend, don’t back away from the big dreams Jesus has put in your heart! While the enemy will always whisper words of fear and tell you it’s too difficult, too painful, too risky, or too costly, your Savior beckons you to grab hold of His promises and boldly believe that you can do all things because He strengthens you. Your calling is powerful, and you alone are equipped to carry out the Kingdom assignment entrusted to you. Faithfully nurture your God-given desires, water the seeds of your dream, and watch as He uses your life to impact others while making you more like Him in the process. 


Jesus, help me not to fear my dreams, but fill me with strength, hope, and power to make them a reality for the sake of your Kingdom.


What one small step can you take today toward pursuing a dream or desire?


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