“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” -Exodus 20:7

Sometimes we’re tempted to hide our faith. We don’t want to let people know that we go to church or that we’re a Christian because of some of things Christians do that we don’t like. Maybe we’re not proud of this or that in our life. But you need to let people know you’re a Christian so God gets the credit for how great you are. And you are great. You have something good to give to people. Don’t be ashamed of your faith; don’t be afraid to help, to defend, or to say encouraging things to others. There are so many times where I said the smallest, littlest thing to somebody and I said it in passing and later found out that was a really big deal to them. Don’t discredit your words and don’t discredit what you have to give to a hurting world. Be aware of the needs of the people in the fifteen feet of space around you. They are there. Have listening ears and meet the needs of people who are hurting. And we’re all hurting. Be the kind of person that is always available to shine the light.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, teach me how to declare your name with honor and glory. I don’t want to misuse your name. Help me to represent your name when showing love and dignifying others.

REFLECTION: Do you hide that you’re a Christian? Do you sometimes fear you’ll be judged for what other Christians have done? Remember to be the light that people need, be the example of a Christian that loves.

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