“And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

Mark 11:25

Forgiving is hard, in general. And forgiving is especially hard when the wound is really deep. Maybe you’re here today and you still haven’t forgiven the person who wounded you so deeply: who sued you, who took your business away from you, who unjustly fired you and ruined your life. Maybe you’re here today and you had an abusive dad. You needed a loving dad; you needed a dad who was there for you that hugged you, that tucked you in at night. Instead, he beat you and called you names. Maybe you had a drunk mom who was never there for you and you needed a nurturing, caring, loving, supportive mom. She just didn’t care about you. Maybe you have or had a violent spouse. Or maybe your kids, your parents or your sibling did something horrible to you. Maybe they’re addicted to drugs and alcohol and they just keep swindling your family and taking the money and spending it on drugs, and these wounds are real and they really hurt. So you ask Lord, should I forgive these people? And the answer is yes. Absolutely, because you don’t deserve to live another day with pain in your heart. You don’t deserve to live another day with bitterness, holding a grudge, and the way that it robs your life of freedom and of joy.


Help me, God, to forgive even when my wounds run deep. Help me to let go of my bitterness and to enjoy life.


How can you work towards letting go of your deepest wounds?

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  1. Today in America there is a need for me to forgive and accept that others are entitled to their opinions and beliefs. I definitely observe the lack of “love your neighbor …” I must be the agent of change by demonstrating through my behaviors what I want to see in society. I must have a forgiving heart.

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