Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

“Who, then, are those who fear the Lord? He will instruct them in the ways they should choose.”

– Proverbs 25:12

We live in a fast-paced and technologically rich world. Today I challenge you not to miss any opportunities to be a disciple of Jesus. I saw a video of a young man playing video games on PlayStation 5, I think. PlayStation 5 costs around $500. As he played, his girlfriend recorded it on her phone because that’s the world we live in. Then she proceeded to turn the console off as a joke. Her goal was to get his attention. He responded, “No!” He threw his controller down and said, “Why did you do that?” She said to him, “It’s all you ever do!” And he replied, “It’s all I have!” 

I thought, wow he thinks all he has is a video game? This man is going to lose his girlfriend, and then he’s going to find he had a lot more going for him than a PlayStation! What was the real cost of the PlayStation 5? It wasn’t $500. The cost was missed opportunities — his girlfriend, a promotion, a relationship with his family, a lot of good meals, lessons to be learned, opened doors, and friends. Is there anything wrong with the PlayStation 5? No, you can play video games. But, for certain offerings in our fast-paced world, the cost becomes missed opportunities for all that is possible and available.

Friend, as you decide to see and accept God-given opportunities, you can become all you’re born to be. My prayer is that you hear this message today and build your life on it. You can acknowledge that embracing opportunities is a cost of discipleship. Today, choose to do the little things to become who you are called to be.


Father, help me not to miss your God-given opportunities.


Have you been submerged in technology and missed an opportunity to be available for someone?

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3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, as you said, “that is the world we live in.” It’s hard to look around you and see folks sitting together, but not talking because they’re on their cell phones. And it’s just too sad to watch the human condition divide their attention to these things instead of interacting with each other, surely lost opportunity. Great topic for reflection for all.

  2. Your wonderful ancestors of great ministers , and family still living, must be so proud of you! Your daily messages are so spot on. Your genuine heart for the Lord your family and mankind, is evident. I am blessed and inspired by your godly messages, every day. As a new mother in Anaheim I saw your grandfather when he preached in the drive in theater then when I came to visit in California years later visited the Crystal Cathedral and listen to him preach with tears of joy. I got to attend an Easter service and see his unparalleled Christmas pageant with my grandchildren. Your calling is evident in your great heart for the Lord and we are all better for it. Thank you. I am 82 years old and love that I found you on my phone. Blessings to you snd your family. Claudia Cargile

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