Don’t Predict the Outcome

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

– Romans 11:33

Something that a lot of us like to do is predict the future. Especially if we’re intelligent and good at assimilating information, we think we know what will happen based on our knowledge and past experience. And as much doing this provides a sense of security and the illusion of being in control, it leads only to lost energy. You see, we all think we’re smarter than we are, so writing the story of our future gives us a feeling of power, but it also robs us of the focus we need to make it through today. There’s a reason Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, because when we learn to take Him at His Word, our lives get much better. Right now, there are many circumstances that tempt us to declare what’s going to unfold — whether it’s signs of the end times or political and economic turmoil — yet the truth is that God holds the ages in His hands. He will see us through whatever comes our way, and all He asks is that we abide with Him moment-by-moment.

My friend, if you want to inherit the peace that surpasses understanding, stop trying to predict what will happen. Your Savior is the Alpha and the Omega, and He is sovereign over all of history. He bids you trust His goodness and cling to the truth that no matter what unfolds, you are held securely in His grip. Your Heavenly Father will take care of everything that concerns you so you can rest in His sufficiency. Commit your outcomes to Him, and you’ll be happier and more at peace than you’ve ever been!


Jesus, help me to leave the future in your hands so I can fully enjoy the present.


Do you try to predict the future in some area of your life? If so, how can you let it go and immerse yourself in what’s before you today?

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