Don’t Procrastinate

“A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

– Proverbs 13:4

I would like to add a bonus faith seed to the mix today! The first seed we planted was: Don’t feel guilty about negative emotions. It is imperative that you identify them by name and take authority over them. The next Biblical seed we sowed yesterday: New feelings come with new actions! Making a connection between negative feelings and positive actions is possible. The bonus seed for today is: Don’t procrastinate! Make sure you don’t procrastinate on your idea. Do not procrastinate on sharing your gifts and callings with the world. Now is the time to act! 

Many of you would say I struggle with procrastination in various areas of my life. You may say I’m a master of procrastination. I’m good at it and can teach a class on it. Here’s some good news: You can procrastinate in some situations that will improve your life. You should procrastinate when sending that angry email and wait a day before sending it. Deciding to divorce should be procrastinated. Procrastinate on quitting your job or quitting your business venture. You should procrastinate on excessive drinking. Consider procrastinating on purchasing that unnecessary gadget.

Friend, here is what you don’t procrastinate on — never procrastinate on your good idea, showing up for people who need you, or doing the next right thing. Do it today instead of tomorrow, and things will get better for you. The advice of my grandpa, Dr. Schuller, was never to cut a tree down in the winter. Despite the fact that most trees are still alive, they look dead in winter. The moral of this story is never make a big decision in your life when you are experiencing a lot of negative emotions at the moment. If this is a habit you have, then procrastinate until the Lord leads you into the right decision!


Father, if I feel negative emotions, help me to procrastinate until You lead me to the right decision!


How can you create positive feelings with your actions?

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