Don’t Throw Away an Amazing Tomorrow

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.“

– Philippians 3:14

Today, I want to encourage you to not throw away your tomorrow. I learned a lot about this from my Grandpa Schuller. He used to say, “Don’t let an average today ruin an amazing tomorrow.” There are times when you are unable to see beyond the mundane daily tasks in your life. It could be that your daily routine does not allow you to devote enough time to your life goals. But as you partner with God, you can have an amazing tomorrow ahead of you! As we anticipate the future, we all envision having amazing dreams, amazing callings, composing an amazing book, and embodying an amazing future that awaits us all.

Embracing this type of vision is the right way to think no matter what your gifts and callings are. As a human being, you were created by God with the potential to be more than average. When we were children, we all thought this, but possibly someone or a negative experience made us think otherwise. Perhaps you were shamed, fell behind, or didn’t get back up when you should have. Having above-average impact, above-average results, above-average joy, above-average health, and an above-average state of mind were all things you believed you were called to have.

Friend, throughout our lives, we have all these possibilities available to us that we throw away for today rather than living for a fantastic tomorrow that awaits us. Don’t let an average today ruin your amazing tomorrow. You can ask the Holy Spirit to elevate your thinking and give you the wisdom to overcome all obstacles that come your way. It is God’s desire for you to use every gift and calling placed in your life to bless the world!


Father, teach me how to utilize all my gifts and callings to their full potential.


For an amazing tomorrow, what are the current possibilities you can embrace?

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