Don’t Veil Your Fading Glory

“We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face to prevent the Israelites from seeing the end of what was passing away.”

– 2 Corinthians 3:13

There is great value in living a glorious life for God and understanding what it means to have the glory of God within you. In life, there will be glories that you’ll have that are worldly glories, and that’s ok. However, no matter who you are, these glories will fade over time. A few months ago, I went around our church campus and showed pictures of celebrities to our younger staff members. These were all very famous people and easily recognizable to my peers. It amazed me how many of the celebrities were unrecognizable to the younger generation — they had no clue who they were! This exercise poignantly illustrates that no matter who you are, we will all experience a fading glory. The lesson here is that living a life for God is a glory that never fades.

Maybe you built a great business or have experienced an incredible academic career with several papers published. Perhaps you were an amazing parent, but you’re an empty nester now. Your accomplishments were great in ministry, but you are no longer walking in that call. This fading that we go through can be very painful, even if you’re a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing Christian. I believe scripture points us to not veil these fading glories because our greatest glory should be in Christ Jesus, in His accomplishment for the world, and our walk with Him. Friend, we may be tempted to wear a veil and hide, but there is such freedom in just being you. Remove the veil. Let others see some of the things you’re struggling with and I promise they will appreciate your transparency.


Father, show me where and how to remove veils in my life. Help me to be transparent so that others may guide me.


What areas in your life would you like the Lord to assist you in removing veils? What aspects of your life do you feel you must hide?

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