Stroopwafels and Donuts


Art by Sinae McKillips, Hour of Power USA 

Story by Chris Tims, Managing Director, Hour of Power Netherlands

The relationship between Hour of Power Netherlands and Hour of Power USA has always been a special one. It all started with Dr. Robert H. Schuller, whose roots were actually in the Netherlands. Obviously, we, as Dutch people, always love to refer to this part. And this relationship continues to bear its fruits today.

This past Christmas, we organized two sold-out concerts in a big historical church. It was a wonderful event with great music. Bobby shared a powerful video message with the Dutch audience about living a joyful life. Also, Haven told us that she loves Holland! She envisioned herself ice-skating, eating stroopwafels (traditional Dutch syrup waffles). Don Neuen led a Dutch choir of 140 singers and said greeted our audience. When his good friend Jan van den Bosch interviewed Don on stage, he touched all of our hearts when he spoke the famous words: “We sing for the whole world, but our hearts always sings for the Dutch.”

We, Dutch people, love you as well! Regularly, we organize Hour of Power trips to Shepherd’s Grove. During every visit, we are impressed by your American hospitality. And we love your delicious donuts. 

A piece of the Netherlands is always in America and a piece of America is always here with us…

In the past, I’ve been involved with several companies doing marketing and advertising. It is amazing to see when a company goes to the next level in promoting their product on the market. However, my previous jobs do not compare to the Hour of Power as we market the best “product” in the world: the Good News of Jesus Christ that changes people’s lives forever! With this message, we bring hope to hopeless situations, courage to fear, and love to people who feel lost.

So besides our appreciation for your donuts and your appreciation for our stroopwafels, I am mostly touched by the fact that God’s love is universal. Hour of Power is able to connect people worldwide as we all share the same passion to reach people with the love of God. 

We are grateful that we are part of this global Hour of Power family. We look forward to the coming year with great anticipation. Especially because we will welcome Pastor Bobby, his family,  and the Hour of Power Choir together with Dr. Irene Messoloras. You are truly in our hearts. 

Groetjes uit Nederland!