“When Jesus saw their faith, he said, ‘Friend, your sins are forgiven.’ ”

– Luke 5:20

It’s interesting to me that many people today don’t genuinely know how to get into Heaven. I think most people in America believe in God and an afterlife, but they’re unsure what the “rules” are. They ask, “How do I get in?” Many Christians also wonder, “Did I lead a good enough life to still get in?” It’s not about you leading a good enough life, and that’s comforting news. It’s really about who you trust. If you lived an imperfect life but were friends with Jesus Christ, He will let you in. If you led a flawed life but knocked on His door and said, Can I come in? He will welcome you with a warm hug.

The Bible says that if you draw near to Jesus, He will draw near to you. That’s just how God is. Maybe this sounds too simplistic, and you think it shouldn’t be that way. Or perhaps you think that God should do all the work and come to you. On the contrary, He says if you draw near to me, I’ll draw near to you. I believe if you draw near to God just a little bit, He will draw near to you exponentially.  

Friend, I encourage you today to make a decision to follow Christ. Your life will never be the same. Nobody desires you to go to Heaven more than Jesus Christ. But here’s the key —  you must trust your life in Him. You have to believe in Him that He laid down His life for the forgiveness of your sins. Trust in the love of God and then build your life as a response to that.


Jesus, help me to draw closer to you. Thank you that my life will never be the same because I trust you.


In what new ways can you trust your life to Jesus? How can you build your life to reflect the love of God you have received?

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