Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Psalm 27:4

Very often when we go through disappointment, and we’re standing in that place of the in-between, we think: I just have to just stop wanting stuff and I need to stop caring. Very often, depression is the point when you failed and lost so many times that you just give up. That is not what God wants for you. God wants you to dream, dream big, and desire big. The bigger your dream, the bigger your heart. And the purpose of living and following Jesus is not only to go to heaven, but it’s to bring heaven to earth — and that’s going to require people of faith. People who want something; people who want something bad. People who have something they want so bad in their life that they’d be willing to die for it. But no matter what it is you want, I want you to know that as long as it’s not somehow against the word of God and it’s not somehow harmful or sinful, I want to know that God wants it for you, too. God is on your side. If you‘re working towards some desire, some dream, or you find yourself in this sort of torturous waiting period, I want you to know God wants you to get wherever it is that you want to go. I just believe that.


God, give me the courage to dream big. You will get me to my dreams, give me the patience to wait on your perfect timing.


What is your dream?

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