“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

– Proverbs 11:2

“Ego is the enemy!” I love this quote by Ryan Holiday because it perfectly sums up why offense is so prevalent in our world today. We all have ego, even those of us who think that we don’t, and when we make decisions that are motivated by pride or what others think of us, we typically regret it later on. In short, ego always hurts us; it tries to bring us down. 

In contrast to living with an over-inflated ego, with Jesus, we can become people of His vision; people who are not motivated by reputation. We can let go of the need to prove ourselves and to feel like we have everything figured out and become ambassadors of justice, even when we don’t see it in our own circumstances. As we trust God to be our vindicator, we will become humble listeners who are merciful in our dealings with others and who reconcile joyfully and gladly.  

Friend, you can be gentle and forgiving, bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit who resides within you. As the saying goes, Jesus wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts, so let go of your own agenda and allow Him to bring His Kingdom to every part of your life!


Jesus, thank you for enabling me to surrender my ego and my need to always be right; I submit to your authority in my life.


Do you believe that ego is the enemy? How have you seen this proven in your life?

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