“For no word from God will ever fail.”

Luke 1:37

Remember when the four-minute mile was broken? For years athletes thought it was impossible to run a mile in four minutes — I heard that there were even scientific studies proving it was not humanly possible! Then, of course, in 1954, an athlete from Oxford University names Roger Bannister broke that record by half a second. It was considered one of the greatest moments in sports history. Then right after that record was broken, it was like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam — a bunch of people broke it. Why? Because once they knew it was possible, they didn’t limit themselves anymore. They became possibility runners and they could do it. For many of us, we just lose our belief and our faith. We’re not sure God’s going to do it, or if God wants to do it, or if He exists, or if He’s going to come through for me. I want to encourage you, thrust all those thoughts out of your mind and endure because your miracle’s going to be so awesome — I can’t wait to celebrate with you when it comes.


Dear God, I believe in you and your timing. Help me to always trust you.


Are you a possibility thinker?

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3 Responses

  1. Yes I am a possibility thinker. In the early 2,ooos I re-read all of Norman Vincent Peales writings. I read your grandfathers writings, Joel Osteen’s writings, and Joyce Meyer’s books and listened to her seminars. Marilyn Hickey, Dr James Kennedy. Jentzen Franklin, I listened to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s CDs; Billye Brim is another favorite. I released negativity and basked in positivity! Now the Lord Jesus Christ has issued a proclamation to me. Andrea, your mission if you choose to accept it is to follow in these giant footsteps: write, speak, share, proclaim my message. Pastor Bobby Schuller you are one of the giants!

  2. Hi there,

    Just wondering why The Hour of Power is only a half hour long. I miss the hour long version. I am not sure if I missed the message stating it would only be half an hour on TV from now on..?

    Please let me now.

    Thank you


    1. Hi, April!

      The network you’re watching on may only be broadcasting the half hour program. However, we definitely still have the hour long program! It is available each week on!

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