“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is so good. His love endures forever.”
-Psalm 136:1

Today’s scripture verse is probably the most famous Psalm of thanksgiving. It begins like this: “Give thanks to the Lord for he is so good.” And the whole congregation responds, “His love endures forever.” This is how the song would be sung in temple when Jesus walked the earth, and that tradition continues today. Then they would say, “Give thanks to the Lord of lords!” And the congregation would respond, “His love endures forever.” And they would say, “Give thanks to the God of gods.” The response? “His love endures forever.”

As waves lapping up against the shore, this rhythm would continue in the synagogue as people sang the good things that God has done and respond by proclaiming that his love endures forever. That’s what the word of God says. That’s a promise. And by the time you finished singing this Psalm, you would have said, “His love endures forever,” twenty-six times as a response to saying thank you to God.

Though the Jewish people had endured many hardships, they sang a Psalm that focuses on the good things that God has done. They thanked him for his enduring love.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, thank you for never leaving or forsaking me. When times are hard, I know you are with me. Your love endures forever. Amen.

REFLECTION: Have you experienced a time in your life that was hard yet you were able to remain grateful to God? How did you do it?

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