“God has delivered me from going down to the pit, and I shall live to enjoy the light of life.”

Job 33:28

I read a great story from a guy named Dr. Robert Pirsig. It might sound funny, but the book was about repairing motorcycles; I don’t even own a motorcycle. Pirsig talks about ascending a Himalayan mountain with a bunch of monks, which were quite old. They start walking up the mountain together and Pirsig is at the front, activating the group. But the monks are kind of hobbling along. They’re making jokes, getting water, picking flowers, and things like this. So Pirsig says: “Guys, we got to get to the top!” After several hours, as they’re getting up the mountain, Pirsig gets exhausted. But the monks are just like they were when they started. Still moving along, still smiling, and still enjoying the walk. The important thing Pirsig learned in that time, was that the monks had reconciled the present and the future. The future gave them a goal and a vision, but it wasn’t all about that. In a weird way, having a goal, but being at peace with the fact that they were not there yet, liberated them. It gave them the freedom to pick flowers, take a sip of water, tell jokes and smile, knowing full well that they were making progress getting where they were called to go. Isn’t that great? I want to be like that. Do you? So foster the thoughts about your mission, but don’t worry about the short term. Instead: Enjoy the journey.


Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us a beautiful purpose. Help us to not rush into our future, but follow your pace and enjoy the journey.


Do you enjoy the journey?

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