“Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.”

– Genesis 2:8

Today, I want to share some interesting information about the Garden of Eden. At the beginning of time, Adam and Eve were put in this very specific place where they could have unhindered fellowship with God. Eden itself was a location — possibly a water spring or a building — somewhere near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and the garden was the space that surrounded it. While we don’t know this for sure, in reading Scripture, it seems that not all of Creation at the time was part of Eden. It’s quite possible that outside the entrance to this lush and Spirit-inhabited space there was a world that was barren and not nearly as abundant and beautiful. That said, what made Eden so special is that God loved to “hang out” there — it was full of life and full of His presence. In fact, the Bible says that it’s where the Lord imparted “ruach,” or His own breath, into the souls of His native children. In short, it was a unique environment that personified the essence of His nature and demonstrated the manner in which He impacts those who live in fellowship with Him. Cut off from His presence, the world is desolate, but rooted in His Spirit, it’s fruitful, joyful and refreshing. Though sin bans us from the garden of His goodwill, Jesus brings us back into relationship with Him and restores our ability to enjoy intimacy with His heart.

My friend, because you have been granted access to your Heavenly Father through the blood of Jesus Christ, the good fruits of Eden are yours to enjoy. You are blossoming with the power of His abundant life, and He is constantly refreshing you so you can refresh others. Even when desolation surrounds you, springs of living water bubble up from within your spirit so you can bring supernatural joy and peace to everyone you encounter. In a dry and barren land, people need what you have, and as you stay connected to the True Vine, He will make your life grow in a way that provides nourishment and satisfaction to friends and strangers alike.


Jesus, thank you that I can enjoy Eden in your presence. Fill my life with an abundance of good fruit that feeds and inspires others.


Is the garden of God’s presence bearing fruit in you?

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