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Power In, Power Out

January 29, 2023

Pastor Bobby’s teaching is that your life can be better than it is now. Life gets better when you get better, so commit your life to personal development and everything […]

God is Doing a New Thing

January 15, 2022

Pastor Bobby’s encouragement for you today is when God does a new thing in your life, even though it may seem like something bad is happening, believe that what God […]

Christmas Hope

December 25, 2022

In this special Hour of Power Christmas Eve service, Pastor Bobby reminds us that God has a great plan for each of us and we don’t have to be wrapped […]

Venite Adoremus

December 18, 2022

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, Pastor Bobby encourages you to find a way to adore the Lord and watch how over time this will bring the kind of joy […]

The Joy of God

December 11, 2022

On this third Sunday of Advent, Pastor Bobby teaches that you can be a joyful person; a person who understands that there’s so much more available to us through the […]

All Things Made New

December 4, 2022

On this second Sunday of Advent, Pastor Bobby teaches that God is on your side and your best days are ahead, so take a step towards the thing that God […]

Hope is for Noobs

November 27, 2022

On this first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Bobby teaches that hope is for beginners. It’s for people that are new to the faith with his message, “Hope is for Noobs.” […]

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