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I Never Lost My Praise

May 9, 2021

Pastor Bobby teaches that even though so many things in life don’t go the way they should, we can trust that God is working all things together for good with […]

Get Your Hopes Up

May 2, 2021

Pastor Bobby challenges us to embrace lives of “slow gratitude” so we can become magnets for miracles, with his message “Get Your Hopes Up.” Tim Tebow is a former athlete […]

Shake It Off

April 25, 2021

Pastor Bobby welcomes author and speaker Christine Caine, who pours the message of purpose into millions of lives all over the world. She and her husband Nick also founded A21, […]

Daughter of Zion

April 18, 2021

Pastor Bobby teaches that Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is one of miracles and healing, with his message, “Daughter of Zion.” Laura Dickinson is a soloist from Southern California. Known for […]

Son of Man

April 11, 2021

Pastor Bobby teaches that we are agents of kindness and gentleness, and we need to respond to those around us with compassion, with his message, “Son of Man.” Daniel Fusco […]

The Prodigal Father

April 4, 2021

Celebrate our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as Pastor Bobby brings a powerful Easter message entitled, “The Prodigal Father.” Kevin Rose is a tenor soloist from Salem, Oregon, and […]

Son of David

March 28, 2021

Pastor Bobby teaches that you have an anointing and a calling that is validated by the cross and the resurrection, with his message, “Son of David.” Tim Timberlake is an […]

Son of Eve

March 21, 2021

Pastor Bobby teaches that God has already defeated the power of Satan in your life, and you don’t need to be afraid, with his message, “Son of Eve.” Noemi Chavez is […]

Fortress by the Salt Sea

March 14, 2021

Today Pastor Bobby teaches on the importance of not always having the last word, with his message, “Fortress by the Salt Sea.” Chef Bill Bracken is a nationally-renowned chef who has […]

The Joy Bucket

March 7, 2021

Pastor Bobby welcomes back guest pastor Bayless Conley. Bayless is the founder and lead pastor of Cottonwood Church here in Orange County, California. He also hosts the television program “Answers with Bayless […]

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