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Anything is Possible in the Kingdom of God

Pastor Bobby concludes the series of messages for the season of Advent, with the message, “Anything is Possible in the Kingdom of God.”

Who’s Clayton is an acoustic duo with an eclectic style blending pop, folk, jazz and blues. This Los Angeles based group plays a combination of their own original music, as well as covers from today’s popular artists. Vocalist Rory Deming joins Who’s Clayton members Joshua Elmore and Kevin Rose to perform “The First Noel” (comp: William Sandys) and “I Have Seen the Light” (comp: Joshua Elmore, Kevin Rose).

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs “O Holy Night” (comp: J. Dwight; A. Adam; arr: M. Hayes). The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on the organ.

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  1. Pastor Bobby, I really enjoy listening to your message from God, I would like to request a dvd of this sermon. Many blessings to you and the Hour Of Power Family.

  2. I had stopped listening to the Hour of Power for awhile because I was so down and literally shut the door to listen to God.
    I am a very negative person and it destroys my life and affects the people around me.

    Today I feel the need to do something and I would like to grab hold of this “something good will happen” message.
    I cannot just hide and not believe anymore.

    I am making a children’s book and I am going to go to a publisher. I promise myself I will do it out of faith. Please could you pray for me.
    Thank you.

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