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Enduring the Crucible

October 31, 2021

Pastor Bobby reminds us that when we truly know Christ, we are transformed from the inside out. We become people who love others, hear God’s voice, and pray with real power. When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, we want the things God wants, and we’re willing to go wherever He calls us with today’s message: “Enduring the Crucible.”

Dallas Jenkins is a television and film director and producer who has dedicated his career to creating faith-based programming. He is devoted to showcasing family-friendly entertainment and has worked on a number of feature-length and short films. His current project is the television series The Chosen, which chronicles the life of Jesus through the eyes of those who knew Him.

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, directed by Sarah Grandpre, goes virtual and performs “Oh Happy Day!” (Edwin Hawkins; Edward Francis Rimbault). This group of 1st through 10th grade children is a professional youth choral program which offers musical excellence and a performance experience in a safe and supportive Christian environment.

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir elementary school students perform live in service, “Get Your Hopes Up” (Josh Baldwin, Bobby Strand, Nate Moore, Tony Brown; orch: M. Riley). They are directed by Sarah Grandpre and are accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “God be in My Head” (John Rutter).

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  1. Wow, what a powerful message, thank you for providing the cure for those sitting in comfort in the luke warm church
    Your words are true words of God’s wisdom The true treasure & the true Blessings of God are found in the CRUCIBLE OF FIRE, I was a PROFESSIONAL athlete, & there is NO GAIN without pain. My sufferings truly began after I was injured & permanently disabled & abused , mentally & physically then taken to court motivated by greed then maluce ;abandoned & betrayed by my family . My own family became my worst enemy & it progressively got worse, but God’s Blessings & guidance increased.
    I truly learnt that when you LOSE EVERYTHING! It truly is all rubbish & even beyond all we lose. We surrender everything, even every breath we take is to serve God & God above everything else. Less of me & more of Christ Jesus in me, in EVERY breath I take I truly am the BLESSED ONE, & found the TRUE TREASURE. I learnt how to truly rejoice, & count it ALL JOY in the various trials I face, because God LOVES ME!
    Yes in the early 80’s I traveled on those endless hours on THOSE aeroplanes traveling around the world, with feable “air” ear phones listening to 2nd grade movies on ONE screen, IF your able to see it.

  2. I watch Hour of prayer every Saturday evening. Have done this for a long time. I even watched it when Dr Schuler was there. I have been blessed to watch Pastor Bobby, his wife their daughter and sometimes their son. Pastor Bobby seems to be getting stronger in the pulpit all the time. I always enjoy the singing, the choir is outstandjng . Such a blessing. I encourage everyone to watch Hour of Prayer. If it was closer to where I live I would like to be there to worship with them in person..

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