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Everything is Motivated by Fear or Love

November 19, 2017

Pastor Bobby continues the message series called: “As a Man Thinketh.” This series will explore how our thoughts directly impact our lives, and that when we change the way we think, we can change the world. Today’s message: “Everything is Motivated by Fear or Love.”

John Mark Comer is a celebrated author and the pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown: A Jesus Church in Portland, Oregon. He has a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary. John Mark and his wife, Tammy, have three children, Jude, Moses and Sunday. His latest book, God Has a Name looks at how we define God, how God describes Himself, and what that means for us. His book is available wherever books are sold.

The Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, directed by Sarah Grandpre, is part of the Shepherd’s Grove/Hour of Power ministry. This group of 1st through 10th-grade children is a professional youth choral program which offers musical excellence and a performance experience in a safe and supportive Christian environment. Today, they perform “One Small Voice” (comp: Jeff Moss). Savannah Fischer is the featured soloist, and Zeljko Marasovich accompanies on piano.

New Melodies is a Voices of Hope Ensemble. Today, this group of 12 singers, directed by Sarah Grandpre, perform “How Far I’ll Go” (comp: Lin-Manuel Miranda; arr: Sarah Grandpre). Featured soloists are Shannae Bernales and Lani Jacobson.

Directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, and featuring soloists Stephanie Deming and Jackson McDonald, the Hour of Power Choir performs “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God” (comp: Keith Getty & Stuart Townend; arr: Lloyd Larson). The choir is accompanied by Steve Velez on cello and Zeljko Marasovich on piano.

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  1. Bobby: Hour of Power is an inspiring 2nd church for me. I get a lot out of your sermons, and the choir music is marvelous. It reminds me of my earlier years when I was able to sing in the choir of a large Presbyterian church in Cincinnati. I really love the traditional hymns and the classical music that are mainstays of your choir. Unfortunately, our church has gone completely to contemporary music which I do not like.

    One comment I would like to offer. While you look good in a business suit, I really think the robe you were wearing set the right spiritual tone of a traditional church service. It obviously was kind of special, and is rarely seen anymore in church services. I personally would like to see you go back to it. Regardless, I will continue to watch the HOP services, and support your ministry as long as I can.

  2. As a younger (41 years old) and long time viewer of HOP, wearing the robe was a very special reminder of the history of the ministry. I realize times and tastes change, but it was a wonderful connection to the ministry of Bobby’s Grandfather. It also lends a certain dignity to the telecast as every other preacher wears a suit or jeans…it gives a certain credibility to the ministry.

    I understand it being a doctoral robe but why not simply have one made that is in line with Bobby’s degree?

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