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God Will Qualify You

February 13, 2022

Pastor Bobby encourages that if you’re going through a tough time, don’t allow fear or worry to consume you, but trust that in the end, God always has the victory, with today’s message, “God Will Qualify You.”

Sazan Hendrix is a content creator and podcast host who grew up not knowing the Lord. After having dreams about church and hearing the Lord’s voice, she found herself searching for answers. Since accepting Christ, she has used her platform to share His love and the blessings that we can find in life through Him. Sazan and her husband, Stevie started a podcast called “The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan” to further their passion to connect with people.

Fifteen-year-old Noelle Lidyoff from Orange County, California, is a member of the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. Today, Noelle performs, “House of the Lord” (Jonathan L. Smith; Phil Wickham). She is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Todd Strange specializes in opera, oratorio and musical theater. He is a member of the Los Angeles Master Chorale and the Los Angeles Opera, and is a soloist in many regional companies across the United States. Todd is also a member of the Hour of Power Choir. Today, Todd performs “It is Well with My Soul” (Horatio Spafford; Philip Paul Bliss; adapt & orch: M. Riley). He is accompanied by Zach DeChance on piano and the Hour of Power Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Marc Riley.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “Rejoice, the Lord is King” (Charles Wesley; John Darwall; arr: Dan Forest). The choir is accompanied by Zach DeChance on piano and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

3 Responses

  1. Pastor Bobby…I view your messages on TBN as often as I can. Your messages bless me so much, but this particular message “God Will Qualify You” came at a moment when I needed it most. I was especially touched by your vulnerable, heart felt sharing of the “fear and hell” associated with shepherding your grandfather’s church after he retired and passed away. I agree, when God gives you a big dream, it is scary! I loved your grandfather, and I was so touched as you shared specific details, of how he came about his deep voice, of how he blessed you to carry on the ministry as his time on earth was drawing to a close.
    Don’t ever stop! Your wife Hannah is such a blessing too! The anointing when she recites the word is so touching. No doubt, the Lord joined you together because everyone needs at least one person to share in ministering. Jesus himself sent them out two by two, and Paul is so emotional in his letters to Timothy as he is finishing up his ministry on earth. He needed his dear son, Timothy, especially in the last moments of life on earth…Thank you for giving to the Lord…I am a life that has been changed. I shared this message on my facebook post and others have been blessed as well. Thank you to you and Hannah for obeying God and stepping up to further the good news of the Gospel. Don’t ever stop!

  2. Dear Pastor Bobby. I so enjoyed your Sermon today that was reminiscent of your Grandfather and the News of your Grandmother’s Passing. I was so blessed by your remembrances of them and your reality of what you go through as being called as a Pastor.
    My prayer request is for my Son Jeff 53 and Daughter who s 43. They have had a fight and it has upset me.
    The both need the Lord.
    As I am 78 It is best that I do not get involved. My son was not respectful to me and pray that they both will settle it. My daughter lives in a newly decorated home down stairs My son owns the home and is married.
    I have my room and am okay. Just to let you know it is starting to snow. That’s okay. You can hear the quiet if that makes sense!? My daughter is in Bakersfield California and Son Mark in Veneta, Oregon.
    Missing church and need to start when It is Sonny. I came from California from Central Coast, Templeton, Ca.
    I follow your sermons well. Thank you and God Bless you. In His Love Jane Osborne.

  3. I just listened to your podcast Pastor Bobby and so enjoyed – thank you for your words. They make a difference on my life every day. I do donate to your ministry every month and watch your service each week. I enjoy your ministry and am blessed – thank you and I would truly enjoy more podcasts. God Bless you and your family.

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