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God’s Solutions are Better Than the World’s Solutions

October 2, 2022

Pastor Bobby’s teaching is that God loves you just as you are, not as you should be, so build your whole life in response to that, with today’s message: “God’s Solutions are Better Than the World’s Solutions.”

Amanda Pittman is a speaker, author, and founder of Confident Woman Co., which offers faith-based content for women in order for them to live a Christ-centered and confident life. In addition to hosting retreats and podcasts, she also posts inspirational content on YouTube. Her new book, Stand in Confidence: From Sinking in Insecurity to Rising in Your God-Given Identity, looks at how to live boldly in Christ in a world where societal pressures can make us feel insecure.

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, directed by Sarah Grandpre, performs “Together” (Kirk Franklin; Joel Smallbone; Luke Smallbone; Ricky Jackson; Ran Jackson; Joshua Peter Kerr). This group of 1st through 12th grade children is a professional youth choral program which offers musical excellence and a performance experience in a safe and supportive Christian environment. The choir is accompanied by the Hour of Power Orchestra, directed by Dr. Marc Riley.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “And I Saw a New Heaven” (Edgar Bainton). The choir is accompanied by Philip Hoch on organ.

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