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Hey You! You Are Chosen

January 30, 2022

Pastor Bobby teaches that God can turn around whatever it is you’re going through and He will help you find the path you’re called to walk, with the message, “Hey You! You Are Chosen.”

Lisa Osteen Comes is a pastor and author who serves at Lakewood Church in Texas with her brother, Joel. She encourages others to press on during challenging seasons, as she has dealt with her own trials throughout her life. Her new book, It’s On the Way: Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams and Prayers, looks at the seasons of waiting and how to press through discouragement yet remain hopeful in the Lord’s timing and what He has in store for us.

Drew and Melanie Enterline are a husband and wife who have been performing as Enterline since 2014. With a passion for ministry, they lead worship and also write and record meaningful songs to encourage and uplift listeners. In 2021, they signed a contract with BEC Recordings and released their newest EP, Colors Bright. Today, Enterline performs “You Brought Me Through” (Drew Enterline; Melanie Enterline) and “Resurrection and Life” (Tyler Chester; Scott Cunningham; Drew Enterline; Melanie Enterline). They are accompanied by Jim McMillen, guest conductor, and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “God be in My Head” (John Rutter).

4 Responses

  1. A very powerful and encouraging message from Bobby that people need to hear and take on board. I remember the film ” The power of one” where one man committed to change the scourge of apartheid in South Africa starting with him. This world is so in need of people who understand God’s purpose for their lives and go about fulfilling it. This is how real change will take place in this broken world.

  2. I loved this sermon and I do feel chosen. I am an RN and at 25 got Lupus, was near death and a bedridden invalid at 45 taken off all my medications and told I had 3 months to live. A holistic doctor treated the cause of illness instead of the symptoms and when I was well I worked for him for 6 years. I followed my friends into nursing without it being my choice and spent my life thinking I was in the wrong profession. My health history had ups and downs but each time the wellness program balanced me. As an ND I developed a practice with a national reputation even though I tried to change professions multiple times. I wanted to be in the arts and finally someone told me I WAS in the arts as I changed people’s lives and gave them back a higher quality of life. I wrote 5 books and the latest got the name Power to Heal in church as I said to myself during the sermon God would give me a title. I read the church flyer and when I saw the words Power to Heal I got a severe hot flash. I am now 88 years old and still a practitioner after 32 years of producing metamorphosis in thousands of grateful people. Even at my age God “has chosen me” me to start a new holistic program for a company desiring their 1000 employees stay healthy so I will continue to mold lives and be “artistic” for the rest of my life.

  3. set up to watch the LIVE service this morning but only the taped 23 JAn 22, witch I saw last week, was available. Why was this one not aired?

  4. I enjoy your messages Pastor and I especially enjoy Hannah reading the scriptures . She is truly a wonderful sweet woman of God her smile can light up a room. God bless you Pastor Bobby and your entire church family.

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