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If You Want More, Become More

May 19, 2024

Pastor Bobby teaches from James chapter 1, and asks the question: ‘how do trials create joy in our life?’ God asks us not to shy away from the trial, but to get stronger, get better, get the skills and the wisdom. There’s no limit to the person you can become if you work on yourself, with today’s message, “If You Want More, Become More.”

Paul Daugherty is a pastor, author, and songwriter. He and his wife, Ashley, currently serve as the Lead Pastors of Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His songwriting has been featured on several worship albums, including a couple of personal albums. He’s written multiple books, and his newest book, Mind Games: Winning the Battle for Your Mental and Emotional Health, helps readers find victory in the midst of anxiety and depression.

The Hour of Power Orchestra, directed by Dr. Marc Riley, performs “Goodness of God” (Ben Fielding; Brian Johnson; Edward Martin Cash; Jason Ingram; Jenn Johnson; adapt M. Riley).

Jenny Muñoz is a freelance singer and voice teacher throughout Southern California and the Inland Empire. Additionally, it is her pleasure to help music ensembles across the nation experience the life changing opportunity of high caliber music making in some of the country’s most iconic venues through her affiliation with National Concerts. Jenny holds a master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and double bachelor’s degrees from CSU, Long Beach in Vocal Performance and Italian Studies. Today, Jenny performs “That’s My King” (Taylor Agan; Lloyd Nicks; Kellie Gamble; Jess Russ). She is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Scripture reading: James 1:2-9