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Live an Obedient Life

Pastor Bobby continues the message series about what it means to live a life saturated in God’s presence. Today’s message: “Live an Obedient Life.”

Jenny Konkin and her brother Joshua run “Whole Way House,” a charitable society located in the Avalon Hotel in downtown Vancouver. This single room occupancy building owned by her grandparents has 85 low-income residents, many of who struggle with addiction or mental health issues. “Whole Way House” is a place where people can feel safe, connect with others, build relationships and rebuild their lives.

Arnold Geis is a member of the Hour of Power Choir. Today, he performs, “Great is Thy Faithfulness” (comp: Thomas O. Chisholm; William M. Runyan). Arnold is accompanied by Trevor Alan Gomes on the piano.

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs “Let Thy Holy Spirit” (comp: Pavel Chesnokov).

7 Responses

  1. Would you be able to provide me with information about where I can obtain the music for “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” that was offered today during this service. Outstanding and so very meaningful! Thank you!

    1. Hi Bernard,

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re glad you enjoyed this sermon. May God bless you today!

      God loves you and so do we,
      -Hour of Power Team

  2. Great series, Pastor Bobby. But I especially liked this emphasis. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were my mother’s child! She had such a dysfunctional upbringing, yet her mindset was – don’t blame your past, make something out of yourself now. I was raised to respect authority even when the authority was unfair because she taught me, ‘Life’s not fair – get used to it.’ I thank God I was blessed with her as my mom . . . And I thank God every week for your Bible-based teachings. You get better every week, Pastor Bobby – praise God!!

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your kind words and sharing this with us! We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed this message and series and that it spoke to you on a personal level. May God continue to bless you as you walk with Him!

      God loves you and so do we,
      -Hour of Power Team

  3. I thank God for this message. I’m in the middle of a Corporate Fast and have had to endure hardship as a good soldier. This has helped me to hear God clearer and understand that true love is about loving when all the chips don’t fall into place (as you would like them to). I have gained God’s perspective and laid down mine.

    1. Hi Cheryll,

      We’re so glad this message was able to help you hear God’s voice a little more clearly! May He continue to speak to you and fill you with His love as you walk with Him.

      God loves you and so do we,
      -Hour of Power Team

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