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New Name on a White Stone

May 17, 2020

Pastor Bobby begins a new sermon series entitled “God’s Names for His Children.” In the Bible are more than 600 names that God gives to His children, all with special and unique meanings. Pastor Bobby teaches that discipleship is the inheritance of freedom we receive by leaving the old names that others have given us and living in a new name from God. Today’s message: “New Name on a White Stone.”

Hour of Power 50th Anniversary Clip – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was a friend and mentor to Dr. Robert H. Schuller. Today’s clip is from Hour of Power program #1325.

Pepper Peale is the granddaughter-in-law of the late Norman Vincent and Ruth Peale, founders of the Peale Foundation, which was established on the idea of positive thinking and how to spiritually grow your faith with positive thinking and actions. The Peale Foundation currently helps fund organizations who uphold the same values to what the foundation was based. Their new campaign #everpositive was created for people to post positive comments, memes or stories to encourage others. For more information on the Peale Foundation, go to

Sixteen-year-old Shannae Bernales from Orange County, California, is a member of the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. Today, Shannae performs, “Never Alone” (comp: Tori Kelly; Kirk Franklin; arr: S. Grandpre; orch: M. Riley) and “Mighty to Save” (comp: Reuben Morgan; Ben Fielding; orch: M. Riley). She is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, goes virtual and performs “O! What a Beautiful City” (comp: Shawn Kirchner). The choir is accompanied by Shawn Kirchner on the piano.

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  1. Dear Rob, Bob, Bo, Bobby…..
    My Spiritual Leader & Paster of the Hour of Power:

    This sermon was so very appreciated and it was forifying to the spiritual grace within us all if only we believe.

    Thank you for reminding us that we are “BLOVED” always…….

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