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Sanctifying the Imagination

Pastor Bobby begins a new message series based on the Mind of Christ. Today’s message: “Sanctifying the Imagination.”

Dennis Prager has one of the most respected conservative national syndicated radio shows in America. He is a regular guest on Fox & Friends, Hannity, CBS Evening News and the Today Show. He writes a syndicated column that is published in newspapers and on the Internet, and his writings have appeared in major national and international publications, including The Weekly Standard and the New York Times. Dennis is the author of many books, including his newest release, The Ten Commandments: Still the best moral code, and is available wherever books are sold.

Joslyn Sarshad is a member of the Hour of Power Choir. Today, she sings, “One Heart, One Mind” (comp: Carolyn Kardinal). She is accompanied by Clara Cheng on the piano.

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs “Nearer My God, to Thee” (comp: Sir Arthur Sullivan; Lowell Mason; arr: Heather Sorenson). The choir is accompanied by Adan Fernandez on the piano.

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