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Say to this Mountain, “Move!”

July 25, 2021

Pastor Bobby reminds us that even if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, the Lord God can use us to move mountains, with his message, “Say to this Mountain, ‘Move!’”

Danny and Kristin Adams are content creators, public speakers, and authors who spent 15 years working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. In 2016, God called them to leave L.A. and move to Indianapolis, Indiana, where they began creating family-friendly content and hosting marriage events. Their new book, The Road to Love and Laughter: Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life Together, showcases their love story and how they learned that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Arnold Geis is a full-time singer, performing internationally and locally as a session singer and studio musician for live events, television and film. He has performed mainstage roles and premiered works at The Glimmerglass Festival, New York City Opera and Los Angeles Opera. Today, Arnold performs, “No More Night” (comp: Bill Gaither; David Phelps; Gloria Gaither; orch: M. Riley). He is joined by the Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, and accompanied by the Hour of Power Orchestra, directed by Dr. Marc Riley.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “Glory” (comp: Rimsky-Korsakov). The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on organ and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

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  1. Is this the grandson ?
    I was listening and hoping to hear the Gospel and and simple invitation to believe on and receive Christ at the end. That does not have to be long but could be a good inclusion in future broadcasts. Just a suggestion.

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