Disciples Making Disciples

Dying with a Purpose

Pastor Bobby reminds us that no matter our age, we have something amazing we can give to others, to the world, and to God. We just need to believe it! Today’s message: “Dying with a Purpose.” Lee Strobel is a former investigative journalist who, for many years, professed atheism while searching for evidence of Jesus. Upon finding the answers he was looking for, he became a Christian and subsequently wrote the best-selling book, The Case for Christ. Since then, he has authored dozens more books and has also become a teaching pastor and professor who truly wants the world to know the Lord. His new book, The Case for Heaven: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for Life after Death, looks at what we can expect after we leave this earth. Nita Whitaker is a singer and songwriter. Having performed on stage, as well as big and small screen, Nita’s talent and

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Spiritual Parenting

Pastor Bobby challenges us to remember the people who have had the greatest impact on us; those who set out to encourage, love, lift up their neighbors, help others, and inspire a group to get behind a cause, with his message, “Spiritual Parenting.” Karen Ehman is a speaker and an author who has written over a dozen books and study guides in the past twenty years. She frequently addresses topics that are overlooked but are vital to Christian living. Her newest book, When Making Others Happy is Making You Miserable: How to Break the Pattern of People Pleasing and Confidently Live Your Life, looks at how constantly saying “yes” to others can stand in the way of saying “yes” to God and His greater plan and purpose. Sarah Grandpre and Connor Smith perform, “Psalm 23: Surely Goodness, Surely Mercy” (Shane Barnard; adapt & orch M. Riley). Sarah is the director

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Jesus Loves Teenagers

Pastor Bobby reminds us of the kind of leaders Jesus wants us to be – those who are interested in seeing the next generation succeed, with his message, “Jesus Loves Teenagers.” Tehillah Alphonso is an L.A.-based singer-songwriter who is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. After attending an intensive training program called the A Capella Academy in 2014, her desire to pursue a career in music was solidified. Since then, she has performed in venues all around the globe, teamed up with world-renowned artists, and lent her voice to numerous movies and television shows. She also serves as a worship leader at her home church. Today, Tehillah performs “Never Alone” (Kirk Franklin; Victoria Kelly). She is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra. This week, our Hour of Power family remembers organist Zeljko Marasovich, who recently passed away from cancer. For more than seven years, this dear friend and gifted

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A Glorious Life and Death

Pastor Bobby concludes a three-sermon series entitled “Disciples Making Disciples.” This series focuses on the value of investing in children, teenagers and young people. Today’s message: “A Glorious Life and Death.” Matt Hein is the lead vocalist and guitarist for I Am They, and chats with Pastor Bobby about the band’s origins, name, and the story behind their song, “Scars.” I Am They is a pop-acoustic worship band from Carson City, NV, now currently based in Nashville, TN. Their newest album, “Trial and Triumph,” is a testimony of what the band members have faced in their lives, and how they have victory in the Lord. You can read about their personal testimonies and more at iamtheyband.com. Today, they perform “No Longer Slaves” (comp: Jonathan David Helser; Joel Case; Brian Johnson) and “Scars” (comp: Ethan Hulse; Jon Mcconnell; Matthew Armstrong; Matthew Hein). Directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, the Hour of Power Choir performs “O!

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Being a Spiritual Parent

Pastor Bobby continues a three-sermon series entitled “Disciples Making Disciples.” This series focuses on the value of investing in children, teenagers, and young people. Today’s message: “Being a Spiritual Parent.” DARDEN is both the musical group, and the last name of four sisters — Selah, Clarah, Havilah, and Tabithah. They are a talented family and have been performing together at churches and events across the country from a very young age. They have a distinctly folk sound, with heavy Americana, pop, bluegrass, and country music influences. Their impressive vocal skill is paired with a diverse musical ability, with each sister able to play at least three instruments each to accompany. Please visit dardensisters.com for more information. Today, they perform: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” (comp: Indian Folk Song; arr: Darden Sisters) and “This is Amazing Grace” (comp: Phil Wickham; Josh Farro; Jeremy Riddle; arr: Darden Sisters). Directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, the Hour of Power

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Jesus Was a Youth Pastor

Pastor Bobby begins a three-sermon series entitled “Disciples Making Disciples.” This series will focus on the value of investing in children, teenagers and young people. Today’s message: “Jesus Was a Youth Pastor.” Autumn Miles is a wife, mother, author, radio host, and runs Autumn Miles Ministries. Her new book, Gangster Prayer, shows readers how to passionately pray and relentlessly pursue God through prayer. For more information on her ministry, go to autumnmiles.com. Soloist Sal Malaki is a world-renowned operatic tenor. He is a member of the Los Angeles Opera, the LA Master Chorale and the Hour of Power Choir. Born in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte, Philippines, Sal graduated from the University of the Philippines with two majors: Bachelors Degree in Voice and a Teacher’s Diploma in Flute. Today, Sal sings, “I Surrender All” (comp: Winfield S. Weeden;arr/orch: M. Riley). He is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra, and the Hour

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