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The Words that Unlock the Promise

March 26, 2023

Pastor Bobby teaches that the number one way you can get better in life is to improve the words you say and hear.

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  1. The Hour of Power perfomrs opening an dclosing hymms.

    6:40 … Hannah reads Numbers 20 7-12 which is included in Bobby’s sermon as it relates to the power of words.

    8:05 … Sara Grandpre does a beautiful rendition of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow” … worth listening to a second time

    12:05 … John Bevere is the guest who talks about his new book “The AWE of GOD”

    20:05 … Larry Walker performs “His Name is Jesus”

    24:45 … The Creed

    25:19 … Bobby talks about the importance of the words we use including giving us his bank password and why animals should talk – more importantly examples of the word we receive from others in praising God and thanking God for giving us his word.

    55:15 … The Benediction

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