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Thriving in a Field of Weeds

August 6, 2023

Pastor Bobby’s encouragement for you is to grow because the more you grow, the better your life will be. Improve your thoughts, continue learning and become more confident. Don’t let weeds tell you how to live a good life, with his message, “Thriving in a Field of Weeds.”

Jonathan Isaac is a professional basketball player in the NBA and has spent the last six years with the Orlando Magic. Also a speaker and author, Jonathan aims to use his platform to share the love of Jesus, and how his life has been transformed. Jonathan’s book Why I Stand is available wherever books are sold.

Diane Reynolds began her career working in musical theater productions, with a favorite being the National Tour of the Tony Award-winning musical, City of Angels. Diane performed in “The Glory of Christmas” and “The Glory of Easter” for thirteen years as Mary. She can be heard on over 100 movie soundtracks, including LaLa Land and Ice Age 5. Diane lives in Orange County, California and teaches private voice lessons. Today, Diane sings “In Christ Alone” (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend; adapt & orch by M. Riley). She is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “It All Belongs to You” (Susan Caudill). The choir is accompanied by Susan Caudill on organ, Zach DeChance on piano, and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Scripture reading: Matthew 13:24-30

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  1. I have an alcohol problem, and I know it doesn’t please God or my family, except my husband, whom has an alcohol problem also. I’ve asked him several times to let’s stop,but he continues to buy it ?

  2. My husband and I have been watching Hour of Power for over over 20 years and I was once able to print transcripts from favourite messages. I was especially encouraged by today’s message (August 6th), Thriving In a Field of Weeds, and searched for the transcript. If I need to donate for a copy, I gladly will. Over the years, I donated towards the books, God’s Minute and my husband purchased Dr. Robert Schuller’s (Snr) Bible for my birthday many years ago. We watch Bobby every Sunday and have witnessed so many changes (not all good) in the church but everything appears settled and happy under Bobby’s leadership. He has a sweet family.

  3. I am a 94 year old woman living in Mill Vista Lodge in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Although I contributed a great deal to your grandfather’s ministry, my age and circumstances prevents me from giving generously to your Ministry although Imy heart has this longing. I contributed a crystal star to hang in the entrance of the first Crystal Cathedral when your Grand Dad was paster and who, through his enormous energy and deep caring, built the first Crystal Cathedral. [I was disappointed when he took the stars down]. I attended the International Women’s Conference there. I spent a week attending the various seminars there. At that time I was a VP of Religious Heritage of America and voted to have Paster Schuller receive the coveted Religious Heritage Award and also the one for his wife, Arvella. So,, yes! I would love to be able to donate liberally to the well-deserved Ministry of Pastor Bobby.The whole family is fantastic. But time has caught up with me along with my financial situation.

  4. Please refer to my previous comment, when I was not so tired and wrote so profusely on my former contributions to the Crystal Cathedral as it was being built. I[ contributed liberally then–even a crystal star for the entrance!.] I’ve spent a great deal of time on it. Now I need to find the pictures of myself and both Pastor Schuller and his Wife Arvella who both received awards from Religious Heritage of America. I am 94 years old and have to look hard at my current financial situation. Pastor Bobby Schuller is so wonderful, I’d give him so much more than I did when the Crystal Cathedral was being built and I attended the International Women’s Conference held there. But time takes its toll, I’m afraid. As I mentioned in my former comments, I contributed much more than money.

  5. Thank you Pastor Rob for the lovely sermon today. Before I go somewhere I will have to grow somewhere. What a great thought, something that I have to think about everyday of my life. Beautiful encouraging words from you dear as always. I am from Swansea in wales uk and I listen to your teachings every Sunday. Thank you and God bless you and your family. Chris Morris

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