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Your Dreams Will Annoy People and Get You in Trouble; So What?

March 6, 2022

Pastor Bobby encourages us to focus on the dream God has given us, understanding that God’s dreams take time, but in the process, He will turn tragedy into triumph, with his message, “Your Dreams Will Annoy People and Get You in Trouble; So What?”

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, poet, and author who creates beautiful and inspirational imagery from the stories she receives from others. Her new book, Peace is a Practice: An Invitation to Breathe Deep and Find a New Rhythm for Life, looks at how to find peace amidst the busyness and chaos in the world, and in our lives.

Sean Oliu is a bi-lingual singer, songwriter, multi-talented instrumentalist and actor from Anaheim, California. He’s also a member of the latest generation of Disney’s Mouseketeers. He was named one of the top influencers in Orange County, and performs as both Cantor to his local congregation, and to hundreds of thousands of viewers through Club Mickey Mouse. Today, he is accompanied by his band the Coastline Cowboys: Daniel Hudson on bass and Ryan Brinkley on vocals and guitar, and is supported by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra. They perform “Because He Lives” (Gloria L. Gaither; Bill Gaither) and “I’ll Fly Away” (Albert E. Brumley).

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, performs “Lead, Kindly Light/Amen” (John Rutter).

Closing Hymn “All Creatures of Our God and King” (Francis of Assisi; arr: Z. Marasovich)

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