“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.”

– Psalm 77:4

As we intentionally lift our eyes above the chaos and confusion that surround us, Jesus fills our hearts with hope and restores our faith in His good plan. And, though it seems like a difficult thing to do in the year of a global pandemic, now is a better time than ever to expect a miracle! In a society that values science and reason above all, even as Christians, elevating our expectations and embracing the supernatural can seem like a stretch. Nevertheless, we serve a God who loves to break the rules! I preach on this often because I believe that miracles have the potential not only to impact our lives as individuals, but to display the glory of the Lord in a way that will draw many people to a saving knowledge of Him. Far from being unique to a particular season in history, demonstrations of divine power have been happening since the dawn of Creation, and many were recorded in the Old Testament, long before our Savior came to earth. Fascinatingly, though they remained common when Jesus appeared, they weren’t all happening at His hand. In fact, there were other rabbis besides Him who were able to invoke a manifestation of the miraculous power of Yahweh. This is because faith is the fuel of miracles, and it is not reserved for any one person or season in time. Even today, cultivating a deep and vital confidence in the omnipotence of Almighty God is the beginning of experiencing His wonder. The earnest expectation that He will intervene in our daily lives opens the door to seeing Him do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever ask for or think!

My friend, now more than ever, the Lord wants to do a miracle in your life! If you believe that and own it as truth, your faith will grow larger and deeper, and your awe at the magnificence of His power will propel you to hold onto hope, put down deep roots, and cultivate unshakable confidence in His character. While the world around you has limitations, God’s power is limitless, and He invites you to cling tightly to the truth that nothing is impossible with Him. When time has run out in the natural and you’ve reached the eleventh hour, His supernatural abundance has only just begun. No matter how great the task or how large the dream, He is ready, willing, and able to rise to the occasion. Stretch your tent, expand your capacity to receive, expect to see His glory, and know that He will meet you marvelously at the point of your earnest desire.


Jesus, enlarge my faith and help me to expect a miracle in my life today. I know that nothing is impossible with you.


What miracle are you believing God for today?


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  1. Since losing job on June 30th, I have gone through several steps in the process of preparing to hopefully begin receiving my unemployment benefits payments. Yesterday, I was finally able to resolve an identity verification issue after weeks of going back and forth. Presently, my Bank is severely overdrawn and I am behind two car payments in expectation of back payments directly deposited any day now. Lord, do a suddenly – in the name of Jesus; Amen! Please touch & agree!! Thank you!!!

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