“Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God’.”

– Luke 18:27

Recently, Hannah and I saved up and want on a vacation to Hawaii. Even though we were excited about it, there was an undergirding of sadness for us because while we were able to bring our daughter, Haven, we weren’t able to bring our son, Cohen since he can have seizures on airplanes. While we were on the trip, Hannah was doing some reading and she had an idea of creating a vision for our family. So we sat down and we put together the vision of what kind of family we want to be. After she and I had come up with a list, Haven added that we will be a family that never stops believing in miracles. For me, it was a perfect example of the Word of the Lord coming out of the mouth of a babe, yet it’s something that all believers should proclaim.

Maybe you’ve been battling a sickness that you didn’t expect to go through or maybe you’re facing some difficulty in your job or in your marriage. Whatever it is, I want you to know that God still does miracles today. He still raises the dead. He still heals the sick. He is Sovereign and there’s no magic formula, but you and I should always be hopeful people who never give up on the idea that Jesus can and will do great things in our lives!


God, give me a vision of your greatness and help me to be a person who always expects you to perform a miracle.


What is your spiritual vision for your life?

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4 Responses

  1. Really needed this today…been going thru some tough stuff…( regarding my life’s direction)
    Getting older is not easy.

  2. I would love to travel to the HolyLand and see the places where Jesus was born and condemned to death. And also where he was buried . And where he was resurrected
    Because it would be a wonderful and beautiful spiritual experience for me. I also would love to see the great Western wall where Pious and devout Jews place little slips of paper with prayers written on and place those into a little hole. I would also want to go into the Dome of the Rock Mosque and see where Muslims pray to Mecca
    It would open my heart more to the traditions of these three different faiths. I pray every night to ask Our Heavenly Father to bring peace to this hurting and troubled land . May God bless you and your family. As always I remain your Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ. And also that I will pray that your ministry will
    continue to reach out to the lost and lonely in this world

  3. The spiritual vision for my life is to be a blessing to the needy & less fortunate people on a daily basis , to minister to the unsaved non- Christians about the saving knowledge of the Word GOD , to be baptized immersed in water , & to have a youth center outreach to the inner city teenagers in and around the community this year plus also continual prayer& fasting every morning & evening daily everyday!

  4. I am 75 and looking for a place to live. I need the finances to have this happen. I want a bright, sunny place where I feel safe and comfortable.
    I will be able to invite my family and friends.
    It will be near water with a great view!
    I have enough money to live the rest of my life
    In comfort without worry! I am expecting a miracle! Thank you GOD!

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