“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’ ”

– Isaiah 30:21

Over the past few days, I’ve emphasized that fire thrives on obstacles. If you want to grow, you need obstacles in your life. You shouldn’t get angry at the obstacle. Instead of becoming discouraged, look at it and see it for what it is: It’s just the next thing that you will overcome on your journey, and that’s all it is. It’s the next challenge you will grow through, and then it will move out of the way. It will be beneficial if you are persistent in overcoming the challenge. You’ll get around it, you’ll get through it, and you’ll get over it! Do you know why? As soon as you face that obstacle, God will show up. 

Getting into the fight as soon as possible is vital: Delay increases fear, and action eliminates it. I once went on a 10-mile hike with my brother, and we called it the coastal challenge. As you run up the coast, you’ll run on the sand, but then you’ll reach these peninsulas, which are made of rocks. You must either climb over the rocks or swim around them. Our group reached this 45-foot cliff, and my brother told us we had to jump. Our jumping percentage decreased the longer we looked down. The jump was bravely taken first by my brother and we all followed! 

Friend, there’s something about jumping into action, and moving towards building the dreams inside of you. Taking action removes the fear of what you’re called to do. Take on the challenges and face your obstacles with absolute confidence, trusting that God will show up as you show up. Put yourself in the fight and God will put himself in the fight with you!


Father, help me to overcome the obstacles in my way with courage.


Do you jump into action quickly? God is with you — are you confident?

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