“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

– Hebrews 11:1

Within every disciple of Jesus is immense power, incredible potential, and unending influence, but it’s not uncommon for seeds of greatness to remain locked up by chains of fear. Though many virtues present themselves as the answer to accessing the treasure hidden in the human heart, the truth is that there is only one key that fits, and that’s faith. Faith is the substance of hopes and dreams and it alone empowers us to move into our full potential. I like to think of it like this. Imagine a little girl with her daddy on a playground. She sees the monkey bars, points, and runs excitedly to check them out. Her dad stays close behind her and she motions to him that she wants him to lift her up so she can reach them. As he does, she grasps the first bar and hangs there for a second while looking anxiously at the next one, which seems very far away. Following a few moments of contemplation, she checks to see if her daddy is still standing by and then bravely moves her hands forward. Though cautious, she continues to cross, because she knows that her father is there to catch her if she falls. Once she gets to the middle, she suddenly realizes where she is and starts freaking out. Though for a moment she screams, she hears her daddy’s loving voice assure her that he’s right there, and she keeps going.

My friend, in the midst of uncertainty, you have an opportunity to lean into your faith like never before. Though you may feel afraid, don’t let fear keep you frozen; instead, step out and trust your Heavenly Father, who is standing by to steady your grip and catch you if you fall. Though sheltering in place may not permit you to take immediate action, now is a great time to lay the foundation for your future by learning to embrace your Savior minute-by-minute. Surrender your life to Him, pray about your path, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and inhabit your dreams. Today, Jesus is beckoning you to come to Him on the water, because a hopeless world needs to see the miraculous fruit born in a life surrendered to His good plan.


I ask for more faith, Jesus, so I can turn the key and unlock all of the power and potential you have placed inside of me.


How is the Lord asking you to step out in faith today?


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