Fall in Love With What’s Possible

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who long for your saving help always say, ‘The Lord is great!’ ”

– Psalms 40:16

When we fall in love with what’s possible, our life changes forever. The possibilities in your life are endless — nothing is impossible! However, oftentimes the thing that stands between you and what is possible is a price, and that is what you need to consider. It’s time to change the way you think. An example of how something seemingly impossible became possible is when we were worshiping at our former location in Garden Grove, California. The ministry expenses were over the top. Our monthly rent was outrageous and our utilities were exorbitant because the buildings were old and in disrepair; it was an incredibly difficult financial burden. So we had this idea. What if we could find someone willing to give us a building? Many said that would be impossible. “There’s no way that’s going to happen,” they proclaimed.

Unbeknownst to us, the staff at Irvine Presbyterian Church was having “what if” conversations as well. “What if we could fill this building with people instead of just trying to survive? Would it be possible to form partnerships with other churches?” And wouldn’t you know, the Lord brought those two possibilities together. And here we are, a new church without the fiscal load. By bringing the two churches together, we no longer carry that huge financial burden. Amen to that. God is good!

Friend, our lives change forever when we fall in love with what is possible, no matter our age, no matter our status, no matter our income, no matter our education, no matter any of life’s concerns we may be carrying. As the Bible teaches, “With God all things are possible.” Continue to trust the promises in His word!


Father, help me to change my thinking so that I can see what is possible.


To bring your vision to life, have you considered possible partnerships?

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  1. Thank you for possibility thinking Bobby! Your Hour of Power ministry has changed my life!

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