Falling in Love With Possibility

“…said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for one who believes.’ ”

– Mark 9:23

When you believe that anything is possible with God, the whole world opens up to you! Is it possible for someone who used to be homeless to attend Harvard University? According to Liz Murray, “yes,” despite the fact she had two drug-addicted parents growing up. In her story, she described how the government check would arrive at the start of the month, but within three days the money that was intended to buy food, clothing and provide shelter, was used to buy drugs. She became homeless with her family and her mother contracted AIDS. 

After not attending school as a teenager, she asked herself if she could return to school and improve her reading and abilities. The answer was yes! In spite of all her setbacks and difficulties, she believed that she could graduate at the top of her class. And yes, she graduated at the top of her class! Then she asked herself if it would be possible to attend the most prestigious university in the world; Harvard University. And yes she accomplished this as well! Did you know that your thoughts determine your future? The size of your life is determined by the size of your thinking. Your life becomes smaller when you think smaller. In contrast, the bigger your thinking, the bigger your life will be. 

Friend, what got Liz Murray through the tough times was what she calls “Falling in love with possibility.” The simple act of asking yourself if this or that is possible can make a huge difference. Perhaps it’s only a 1% or 2% possibility for you, just as it was for Liz — however, when God is within you, all things are possible. It is possible if God says that it is so, and He does!


Father, I want to fall in love with all the possibilities you have in store for me.


Have you asked the simple question of whether something is possible?

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