“The Lord was with Joseph so that he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master.”

– Genesis 39:2

As we continue our discussion about God’s favor, I believe we can learn a lot from the story of Joseph. Since we just finished examining the interaction between his dad, Jacob, and his grandfather, Laban, it’s worth noting that Joseph was the son born to Rachel, Jacob’s favorite wife. Unfortunately, Rachel’s sister Leah, whom Laban gave to Jacob instead of Rachel after he had worked for seven years, had better luck in childbearing. She bore him several children and Rachel became extremely jealous. So insecure was she about her sister’s advantage that she gave her husband her maidservant so she could get pregnant on her behalf. It took years before she finally gave birth herself, and when she did, she had a son and named him Joseph. Because he was born of his father’s most loved wife, Jacob favored Joseph, and that fact was no secret to his brothers. He “egged them on” by flaunting his status as his dad’s favorite son, and they responded by treating him horribly. Because they were so jealous, they sold him into slavery and told their dad that he was dead. From that point on, Joseph’s life was full of worldly misfortune that was constantly countered by heavenly manifestations. Though he was a slave, he was promoted until he ran his master’s household and he enjoyed great wealth. Even after being accused by his master’s wife of rape and subsequently thrown in jail, he was elevated for interpreting dreams and wound up being second in command to the King of Egypt — one of the most powerful positions in the world! While there were multiple times when Joseph appeared to have lost everything, the Spirit of God kept pouring out favor, and his life amounted to more than he or his brothers ever could have imagined. In fact, when severe famine struck the region, the Lord’s presence worked mightily through him, and he ended up providing the food that saved his family.

My friend, nothing can stop the Lord’s favor, and no scheme devised by man can ever triumph over His perfect plan! Though things may look bleak and hopeless from a worldly point of view, no earthly force can hold back the goodness of God. His grace is rushing into your life like a mighty river, and regardless of how trapped or surrounded you feel, He will always prevail. Keep looking to Him and expect Him to meet you mightily at your greatest point of need.


Jesus, thank you for your favor. Remind me today that you are for me and that you will work all things out for my good.


In what ways do you expect God’s favor in your life?

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