Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

– Psalm 139:14

What if I told you you’ve been sold a lie? Would you believe me? Do you think it’s possible that the images of bodily perfection you’ve been taught to aspire to are really a sham? I sure do! 

Contrary to what you’ve seen, celebrities and models don’t wake up in the morning ready to do a cover shoot for Vogue or Esquire. In fact, many of them are just teenagers and they go on special diets for a week so they can pose for a “perfect” picture. Add to that the fact that they are dehydrated, covered in makeup, and still computer-enhanced and touched-up, and I think you will quickly realize that there’s a lot more to like about you than you think there is. You see, the standard you’ve been comparing yourself to doesn’t exist; it’s all made up, so it’s about time you stop trying to achieve it! 

Interestingly, Apple, a brand that’s often thought to be synonymous with hip youth, is actually consumed primarily by senior citizens (probably because they can afford their products). Whatever the reason, don’t you wonder why you never see ads for a new iPhone or iPad featuring gray-haired people with canes and walkers? I think it’s because we live in a culture that worships youth — a brief window of life in which, while we may be our most beautiful, we’re also our most stupid. 

Friend, I share these facts with you only to free you from the trap of believing that bodily perfection is attainable, let alone something to strive for. The truth is that no matter how old, how wrinkled, how worn, how imperfect, how scarred, or how heavy or thin, your body is a gift that was lovingly given to you by God — He wants you to embrace it and so do I! You are perfect just the way you are. I encourage you to say that to yourself every morning when you wake up and watch your quality of life improve!


I renounce the lie, Jesus, that bodily perfection is possible. Set me free from the trap of trying to achieve it so I can embrace my true beauty.


Have you spent time and energy striving for bodily perfection? Does knowing the truth about the images you see give you cause to reconsider?

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