Soaring in the Midst of Uncertainty

By Bobby Schuller

Here we are — one month into a new year. While things are “looking up” in some ways, I never imagined that the world’s current winter season would be so long. In fact, I can’t think of a more trying stretch in my lifetime, and before we move any further, I just want to speak grace over you. I know this has been a rough road, and I’m proud of how you’ve navigated it with strength, faith, and love. 

Renewed strength is grounded in present reality. 

As humans, we often adapt to constantly-changing circumstances by “lowering the bar,” going into survival mode, and simply coasting along. But this isn’t the best way. While it requires that we fight against the emotional status quo, the best thing we can do in tough times is to FLY HIGHER. Because our spirits are anchored to Jesus — the Reigning King — we share His VISION and AUTHORITY, which means that our hearts and minds can SOAR above the clouds of confusion. By assuming our Savior’s range of sight, we’re empowered to LOOK AHEAD and see through the eyes of infinite POSSIBILITY! 

The Lord’s perspective is limitless, and He invites us to take flight with Him. 

To gain inspiration, let’s turn our attention again to the EAGLE. Because everything created reflects the image of its Creator, there are lessons we can learn from this powerful bird about what it means to have supernatural vision. While we see only what’s ahead of us, eagles show us that God’s vantage point is infinite. In fact, by examining the way he sees the world, we can obtain insight into how to expand our range of sight, especially in the midst of tough times. Here are just a few thoughts to encourage you:

  • Altitude is imperative. The eagle flies higher than any other bird, soaring at a height of 10,000 feet and staying aloft on the currents of the wind for hours at a time. As it ascends, it moves above smaller birds until it reaches a place where it coasts by itself, taking in an unbeatable view. Like the eagle, we can choose to mount upon the Lord’s wings and pray to have His overarching perspective — one that beholds the beginning and the end in the same span and prioritizes the values of eternity. Elevating our gaze above the waterline enables us to be carried by the Holy Spirit’s currents so we can sail over the storms of uncertainty. 
  • Broad Vision is Best. An eagle’s eyes are rotated toward the front of its head and angled at 30 degrees from the center of its face. This gives it a 340-degree field of sight so it can behold not only what’s in front of it, but also what’s behind and to the side. In a similar manner, renewing our vision happens most effectively when we understand that where we are is a season in the panorama of our lives. Our past is important to our present, and our present is imperative to our future. God sees it all, and He is faithfully using what’s behind and ahead to write a story of faithfulness that culminates in us becoming more like Him. 
  • Vibrancy Matters. Eagles can see color more vividly than humans can. In fact, their eyes are so sensitive to the spectrum that they pick up subtle shades of the same hue and even behold ultraviolet light. While we have physical limitations when it comes to this kind of perception, we can renew our hope in the Lord’s good plan spiritually by finding beauty in every day. Choosing a vibrant life — one that is spirited, lively, and full of exuberance — gives us eyes to behold His goodness in its many subtle hues. As we become people of intense joy, we reflect the Light of Christ to others so they can shine with us! 

Friend, even though times are uncertain, I’m praying that you’ll mount up on wings of an eagle and ascend to your God-ordained altitude so you can expand your vision and live with a vibrancy that draws others to the hope of Jesus Christ within you! 

God loves you and so do I!

Bobby Schuller

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The Blessing in Blessing Others

By Russ Jacobson

Both my wife and I attended the Crystal Cathedral in the late 1990s and came to Christ through the local church and the Hour of Power TV show. We are so grateful for that season because we know that our lives shifted to an entirely different trajectory because of our decisions. Deanna and I first became Eagle Partners in 1999 because we believed in the ministry of Dr. Robert Schuller, and we wanted to support his vision and evangelistic efforts around the world.  

Fast forward to today. I am privileged to serve as the Executive Pastor of Hour of Power. I get to witness every day how this ministry changes lives. We hear from so many people who have accepted Christ as their Savior, beaten back addiction, or overcome desperate circumstances. I’ve received emails from residents of six continents, and am just waiting for the day when someone from the McMurdo Station in Antarctica drops me a line!   

I remain an Eagle Partner because I believe in the ability of Hour of Power to change lives and impact destinies around the globe. I also believe in Bobby. This young dreamer is gifted and anointed to preach the Good News. And let me tell you something, friends — I have seen this ministry from two different perspectives — as parishioner and pastor. As a pastor, please know that our Eagle Partners are an incredible blessing. Since the ministry relies entirely on donations, it can be nerve-racking to meet our obligations and plan for the future. Partners provide a safety net. We know we can count on those pledges to sustain us during the lean times. In other words, your generosity allows us to move forward with confidence.  

Not already an Eagle Partner? Please prayerfully consider joining the team. I know you will be blessed just like Deanna and I have been over all these years. This ministry needs more faithful followers of Christ like you! Won’t you answer the call today?  

God loves you and so do I,

-Pastor Russ Jacobson

Saving Lives TOGETHER!

Jesus is in the business of SAVING LIVES, and He extends to each of us the honor of joining Him in this critical mission! The forces of discouragement are raging with great fury in these unprecedented times, but our triumphant Savior is sending forth HIS WORD to heal, redeem, and restore. Only His power can rescue despondent hearts, and His truth is the antidote to the darkness that seeks to overcome human souls. 

At Hour of Power, we consider it a great privilege to be God’s ambassadors as He carries out His rescue mission to humanity. When YOU partner with us, you’re changing people’s destinies and bringing Jesus to the midst of their most vulnerable moments. One sermon, one verse, or one affirmation may be all it takes to save someone’s life. Someone like Laurel in Australia…

“If you could please let that young Pastor know that he saved my life. I record Hour of Power, and I record lots of other ministries, and movies too. Last night I was watching something and I thought ‘what is this rubbish?’ I was so low when I had the thought ‘I know what I can do, I can just walk out into the water, and just keep walking.’  I’ve thought about this before, but never have I come so close. I was planning it out in my  head, and was about to get up and go. The next thing I know, I’m watching Hour of Power – I still had the recording from two weeks ago. The message was so pertinent! As I was watching I was thinking ‘this is my church now.’ God is so good! He’s never late, He’s never early, He’s always on time. I really believe if I hadn’t watched…never before have I been that desperate, that close. Please, please, thank Pastor Bobby. I thank God for him.” 

Laurel’s story is YOUR story, too. YOU are the wind beneath our wings, and by committing to EAGLE PARTNERSHIP this year, you’ll equip us to reach more precious souls with the power of Christ’s compassionate love. 

The Indescribable Impact of Legacy Gifts

Leaving a legacy is a world-changing thing. When you choose to invest a portion of your estate in growing the Kingdom of God, the things you worked hard to build in your lifetime continue to change people’s eternal destinies after you’ve gone to be with Jesus. In fact, if you’re enjoying the ministry of Hour of Power today, it’s because faithful friends in generations past chose to bless us with a legacy gift. Through changing seasons, we’ve been empowered to carry on because members of our viewing family have honored us with a bequest. Knowing that, there are no words to convey how important these special offerings are as we embrace a BOLD FUTURE.  

If God has been tugging on your heart to share the Gospel with future generations through an estate gift to Hour of Power, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Pray — ask the Lord to give you wisdom and clarity.
  • Learn More — go to to explore your options. 
  • Reach Out — call us at 714-971-4111 or email and let us guide you through the process. 

May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness. We’re grateful for your life, your devotion to Jesus, and your dedication to the ongoing work of this ministry! 

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