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Feedback from our Viewers II

At Hour of Power, we are blessed to have such a vast outreach when it comes to our viewers. Whether it is through YouTube, Instagram, at Shepherd’s Grove, or any of our broadcasting channels, our viewers’ feedback mean the world to us. Here are some of the positive words we have received from you on Facebook:

We offer you our tremendous gratitude, and encourage you to keep the feedback coming!

God loves you, and so do we!


2 thoughts on “Feedback from our Viewers II

  1. Dear Bobby,

    It’s the first time i was surprized and pleased with your sermon today, you reached out to people……But talking about blessings from God, is just not needed, that could do with a little lesser attention, and then it may mean something more..
    I despize it very much when SOME people as a Christian, or as a Muslim for that matter, or as a man or a woman of the Jewish faith, (are there more religions with scriptures?)
    show a scripture out of a book and then trying to shove it under somebody elses nose, and say : ” Hear read , it is the truth , it is the proof ”

    The books inspired by people with inspiration from God if you will are meant only for one person, and that is you, and nobody else…It is a sin to read to someone else…..

    But today Bobby, it least you got my attention right away, you practiced today the words of God !!
    You reached out to people’s heart all over the world..!!

    For my own belief , is that what you feel in your heart , what you are able to feel in your heart , are the true legal words of God…

    Caring for someone or for people or for your brother, is a feeling ready in your heart, and it is not yours, it is in fact of God…

    What a stupendous creation, invention of God, the feeling caring for someone…

    And you cared Bobby…with your sermon today….

    Actually very few words , but a real powerfull message about showing your self, your true you…

    What a revelation !!

    I say these last years , that your face is not you !!

    You are not black !! You are not white !! You are not yellow !!

    You are you !!

    And you yourself really know who you are, down to your sins..

    How about bringing a message out there Bobby, you and me and say, you all are allowed to think bad, as long as when it comes down to it, you are not the sinner.

    To be continued Bobby……………………..until next time

  2. Jim Chisholm says:

    I went through every page of the weekly email today and can honestly say you have done a great job in creating an awesome communications tool for Shepherd’s Grove and the Hour of Power. Thanks!

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