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Feedback From Our Viewers

At Hour of Power, we are blessed to have such a vast outreach when it comes to our viewers. Whether it is through YouTube, Instagram, at Shepherd’s Grove, or any of our broadcasting channels, our viewers’ feedback mean the world to us. Here are some of the positive words we have received from you:

We offer you our tremendous gratitude, and encourage you to keep the feedback coming!

God loves you, and so do we!

One thought on “Feedback From Our Viewers

  1. Barbara Billings says:

    Thank you so much Hour of Power for all of the inspiring worship services through the years: thec worship services, Don Nuen’s wonderful music, and for your outreach to so many, like me, accross the globe.
    I’ve been a loyal fan since 1870 with the inspiring ministry if the Crystal Cathedral with Dr. Robert Schuller. I send a special thank you to Bobby Schuller for carrying on your Grandfather’s legacy.

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