“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”

– Psalm 18:32,33

Yesterday, we talked about arming ourselves with the promises of Scripture, especially in chaotic and uncertain times. Today, I want to look at the result. Though the world won’t stop trying to distract and discourage us, when we live anchored to His truth, the Lord lifts our burdens and enables us to travel difficult terrain with ease. In fact, Psalm 18 says that He makes our feet like those of a deer, so we can scale and stand on the heights. If you’ve ever seen a deer in motion, you know that they are quite large, yet they move speedily, gracefully, and effortlessly. In fact, since their legs are long, they can climb steep mountains quickly and navigate through narrow passageways with dexterity. Though they are significant in size, their movement is never labored because their weight is upheld by strong, supporting limbs. Likewise, as we build the foundation of our lives — days, hours, and even minutes — on the solid, steady, and unchanging Word of God, His Spirit fills our souls, lightens our loads, and empowers us to ascend even the steepest and most daunting hills. As we submit problems, pains, and concerns to the authority of His promises, He takes our burdens and gives us feet to maneuver narrow and harrowing roads with certainty and peace.

My friend, no matter how pressed or persecuted you are, you can scale the heights when you build your life on God’s never-ending power. Though your climb may be steep, He will shoulder your burdens and be your guide over even the roughest terrain. As you anchor your soul to His unfailing Word, He will crystalize your focus and give you eyes to see with His perspective. He promises to exchange your heaviness for a garment of praise, and as you keep looking to Him, He will fill you with joy in His presence, expand your field of vision, and give you feet to dance lightly and freely in storms of uncertainty.


Jesus, I want to have the feet of a deer. Arm me with your strength, fill me with your Spirit, and make my burden light so I can prevail through life’s trials and tempests.


How might you invite God to lighten your load this year?

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