“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

– 1 John 4:18

The longer I live, the more I realize how much the world attempts to make us afraid. In fact, it seems there are thousands of things to worry about, especially in the midst of this global pandemic. Even worse, every time we turn on the news or scroll through social media, we ingest yet another string of negative headlines. In fact, there’s a reason why they say in reporting that if it bleeds, it leads! I remember once when I was watching T.V., I saw a promo for the evening news broadcast that said something to the effect of, “Coming up at five, six ways your children may be in danger, but first, a squirrel waterskiing.” The contrast between the two was so stark that it caused a switch to flip in my mind and I realized that those reporters were not in the business of relaxing me — they were in the business of confusing me and getting me to watch ads. While this is not an attempt to attack the news, it is an exhortation to us to guard our hearts and minds against the barrage of negativity that seeks to unsettle our spirits. You see, even if gloomy reports are factual, the truth is that they can’t change the goodness of God or touch our unshakable destiny in Him.

My friend, when everyone else is wrapped up in a tornado of fear, you have the potential to live relaxed. Because your soul is at rest and you are secure in the unchanging love of Jesus, you don’t have to be tossed about by waves of confusion. Since you know the Lord and are sheltered in the safety of His presence, you can be a source of peace and calm to others, even while storms assail around you. As a disciple of your Savior, you have discernment to filter out the propaganda of panic and to focus on His steady and unfailing compassion. As He leads you away from fear and into faith, your peace will be a source of power to others and your positivity will be a reflection of His perfect love.


I am grateful, Jesus, for the power you have placed in my soul to overcome fear. I will look to you, even as the storms rage around me.


How are you exercising faith in the current atmosphere of assailing fear?


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  1. Because he lives we can face tomorrow because he lives all fear is gone please pray with me for my husband James Cleveland is remarkable man and he’s losing his battle with alcoholism please pray that the Holy Spirit powerfully will lead him to know that he’s Thursday for God his righteousness and his word to heal your soul make his desires an appetite before God and only God in the name of Jesus I pray God bless you

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