Focus on the Spiritual World

“The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.”

– John 6:63

Your mind is like a garden that needs constant care. Paying attention to your thoughts and tending to your mind reaps rewards. Good soil not only produces quality crops but it also produces big weeds, so you must pay attention to your thoughts. Keeping your mind healthy is essential, and that’s why I put together seven Biblical world-changer thoughts. You can keep your mind healthy by incorporating just one of these seven thoughts.

The first thought is to focus on the spiritual world behind the material world. Our world is spiritual, but it has material results. The discovery of this was made by many philosophers who weren’t religious. During ancient days, hundreds of years before Christianity, philosophers would gather and discuss their grand ideas in search of knowledge and wisdom. Many of you are familiar with the name Plato, who philosophically believed there are two realms in which we live — the physical realm and the spiritual realm. His point was well taken, and these two realms are interdependent.

Friend, in Plato’s “cave analogy,” he describes what it is like to discover the spiritual world. A man and his community spent their entire lives in a dark cave. One day, he is liberated and ventures out to see all these amazing things he didn’t even know existed: A rainbow, trees, and sunshine. As he returns to the cave, his eyes have a hard time adjusting because he has seen the light! He wants to communicate all the wonderful things he saw, but he stumbles! Like this man, you and I sometimes lack the words to express ourselves when it comes to the spiritual world. It is a blessing to know Jesus and the light He provides, exposing the reality of the spiritual realm!


Father, give me an understanding of the spiritual world behind the material one.


Do you ever feel blinded by the light of the spiritual world?

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